Targetting Trendy Topics for the Next Year

When you’ve chosen a niche for your business, you have to know what’s new in the field that you’re in. It’s important that you stay on top of all of the cutting edge information.

If you don’t, then the details that you have will be out of date and your audience will consider your content useless. They’ll move on and spend their time and money with your competition.

There are some ways that you can keep up with the trendy topics so that you never fall behind the times. Learning how to research and be aware is an important part of your business success.

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Watch Magazine Covers for Top Tips

Trying to come up with topics that keep your content fresh and help make your niche as good as it was intended to be can be tough. But one tip you won’t want to overlook is one that’s right under your nose.

You see these every time you go to the grocery store or the pharmacy and probably never realized what a gold mine it was. Magazines are what you want to pay close attention to in order to find tips for your niche.

If you’ve ever paid attention to the covers of magazines, you’ll notice that they’re full of attention grabbing headlines for the articles. These headlines are designed to hook the reader and make them feel like that must buy that magazine in order to gain access to the information in it.

One of the best fields where you’re always going to find what’s trendy is on the cover of women’s magazines. The editors of these magazines know that yesterday’s topics just won’t keep the readers returning.

They have no choice but to stay on the cutting edge of what’s hot in the world at that moment. They can’t afford to fall behind the current information or the readers will seek out other magazines.

So take the time to read over the cover of magazines, especially the women’s magazines like Woman’s World Weekly. The topics they cover are wide-ranging, interesting and can fit almost any niche that you might have.

You’ll always see articles on dieting because this is an evergreen topic. These articles will cover a variety of points about low carb eating, cutting out certain ingredients, or just learning about portion control.

You might see one headline that talks about how to get started changing your diet for health reasons like inflammation, or diet topics related to finances, such as how to eat low carb on a budget.

You might see another headline for an article on low carb eating that will focus on the audience like beginners or the over 40 crowd. Another one might offer a list of the top foods to eat on a low carb diet or to stave off the aging process.

Still others will offer a menu plan for a week or a month. Some will share how to shop when you’re dieting. Or how to handle dieting around the holidays. You’ll also notice that women’s magazines cover things like stress relief.

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This is a huge niche and the topics that you can cover in it are almost unending. There will be articles written about how to deal with stress in romantic relationships. You’ll see ones that talk about how you can lower stress when you’re with your kids or when you’re visiting extended family members.

Some of the articles will cover stress in the workplace and how to deal with the pressure of the job or the coworker that gets your blood pressure soaring upward. The topics might also cover stress and how it affects your body physically, which you can use to spin topics for your niche in yet another direction.

The magazine headlines might talk about combating stress by using a method such as exercise. Or it will point out the benefits of meditation on stress. You’ll notice that these articles always bring awareness about a problem but then turn around and offer the solution.

Some examples of headlines you’ll see can be examples such as stress in children, stress in teens, and stress in the elderly. You’ll see articles like what not to do when you’re stressed that cover ideas like not making a significant life change when you’re stressed.

You’ll see checklists that will cover the signs of stress. Many common niches you can think of have been covered on the front of a magazine. So if you’re scratching your head wondering how to keep up with what’s new, just look at those.

Obviously, you can’t stand in the grocery store and make notes of the topics that you see on the front covers of the magazines. Not only that, but you don’t want to buy an armful of magazines every time you’re looking for the trendy or hot topics.

That would be a quick way to break your budget. You can find these magazines online. Many of them will offer you a free downloadable copy of the magazine if you do a web browser search.

You can also go to the magazine’s main website and just read the front cover. For example, if you search for Woman’s World Weekly, the front cover of the magazine pulls right up and you can see headlines that cover the beauty niche.

There are headlines talking about how to make your skin look softer and younger.

Other headlines cover the weight loss niche, how to combat hair loss, or how to find relief from pain.

Prevention Magazine is another good one to look up online. They have a huge supply of ideas for your niche. Recently, they covered weight loss, menopause, foods, nutrition, beauty, skin care, emotional health, diseases, makeup, eating disorders, foot care and hormone replacement.

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Listening in on Niche Forum Chatter

If you’re not part of a niche forum, you really should be. Being part of a forum community can be helpful to you when it comes to finding out what topics are currently trending.

What forums do is they let you discover what potential customers are going to be looking for. It’s an inside look at where the future is heading. You’ll get a jump start on what their product or information needs will be.

This will help you fine tune what you’re promoting or selling to your audience. Plus, you’ll also see what’s popular and you can use that information to bring in traffic to your site.

These forums will have numerous threads where you can glean information and most of them are extremely helpful toward entrepreneurs who are new in the field. You can learn a lot simply by reading what’s on the forum and you’ll often discover that someone else has asked questions that you need answers to as well.

When you need to be in the know about whatever is new that’s going on in niche marketing, you can check out the current posts. You’ll see that people there will start conversations about a topic long before it hits mainstream search engines.

Look specifically for the threads that start with things like, “Has anyone heard of…” and those threads will talk about a particular product or a new research fact that will tie in to your niche.

You’ll also see other topics where multiple forum users are talking. When you notice these threads, that’s a clue. It means that interest is starting to peak about that topic. You want to pay attention and get in on the latest news to use it for your business before it hits mainstream and then everyone is talking about it.

Pay attention to a flurry of comments and questions when you see topics you don’t recognize. For example, right before the hCG diet became popular, there were questions on the forum about it.

These questions came across as “hCG users anyone?” And just by reading the comments and questions, you would be able to learn enough information to know what it was and be able to gauge the current level of interest.

You could then use that to start promotion of an hCG product or create an information report about it. You’ll also see people posting thing in the forums such as “does anyone know…” and that tells you they haven’t found a credible leader online for that topic.

If you don’t know of any forums pertaining to your niche, all you have to do is Google what your interest is followed by the word forum or forums and you’ll get a long list that you can check out. 

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Set Up Google Alerts for Breaking News You Can Capitalize On

You can’t capitalize on information that you don’t know anything about. You have to have the most up to date information in order to be able to compete well in your niche. Obviously, if you were to spend time every day searching, it would take up too much of your day.

Time that you need to spend on your business is precious. Plus, when something is a trending topic, by the time you get around to searching, that topic might be several hours or a day old, which puts you behind window of opportunity.

You’ll want to set up Google Alerts so that you can stay on top of what’s going on in the field that you want to know about. What you do is you go to Google Alerts and a search area will be at the top.

You input whatever search words you want to get results about. For example, if you wanted information about weight loss, you would type that in there. It basically works just like the regular Google search engine.

After you put in the search words, you’ll have options where you can choose how you want it and where you want this information to come from. There will be a box asking you how often you want to receive these alerts.

It’s important that you check “as-it-happens” because that’s trending. Getting the information once a day will put you behind the curve. Then make sure you check automatic.

You’ll get to select the language that you want as well as the region. You’ll be offered a choice between “only the best results” or “all results” so be sure and check all results. You want to filter the information yourself as to whether or not it’s useful.

When you set this up, it allows you to be the first marketer to whip up a short report, even a $7 one, and get it in front an audience hungry for the information. If you’re first to bring the information to the audience when there’s not much information out there about the topic, you’ll outsell your competitors because you had what the audience wanted all ready to go.

Going Against the Grain

There are always new trends cropping up. Some of these trends take off so fast and suddenly, everyone’s on-board. The world is always looking for new answers to the same problems and always seeking more information to help their lives run more smoothly.

So new trends are going to appear in every single niche. You’ll have brand new weight loss pills, new diets to try, products that clear skin, medication that treats a variety of illnesses and so on.

Since you want to be ahead of the competition, you’ll want to jump on that trending news and give it to your audience. But, you don’t want to assume that everything is going to be wonderful.

Just as there will thousands who embrace this new trend, there will those who speak out against it. This kind of backlash always happens. As a marketer, you need to be prepared ahead of time for this to happen.

There’s nothing worse than having people speak out against something you’re promoting and to be unprepared. It will make you look like you haven’t done your homework and don’t care about anything other than the money.

So what you have to do is have a plan so that you can go against the grain. You need to be prepared with a product or information that swings the other direction from whatever is trending.

If there’s a huge pro-hCG diet trend, then you can bet there will be a diet that comes out that talks about how bad the hCG diet is. What you want to do is if you see a product that’s trending and you suspect there will be a backlash, is have a product or information set to promote that guides people toward an alternative solution.

This way, you’re still capitalizing on the popularity of the product receiving the backlash. But if it’s something that you believe in and it’s a great moneymaker, you might not want to go the opposite direction.

If that’s the case, then you need to be up on the latest research about the product. You need to have as many facts lined up as you can so that you can defend the reason behind your support of the product.

For every researcher or scientific expert who debunks a trend, there are others who will defend it. You can use that research or those facts to help bolster your reason for supporting the product. 

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