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OK.....All you have to do to claim this course is watch this short video on Youtube.

It's called;
'Holistic Brain Health - Six Cornerstones Of A Healthy Brain'

It is only 3:30 mins long so it's an easy watch :-)

You should then 'Like' the video and write a comment below.
The comment must have the word 'Herculist' in it somewhere.
Maybe something like;
"Thanks Herculist for sending me to this video, much appreciated"
Or anything else that takes your fancy.

Once you've done that you can E-mail me 

At ...

Tell me that you've commented and the name you used to 'comment'
I will then send you the course which will arrive in the form of a PDF download page.

That's it! .... Simple really isn't it? ..... But while you're on
the 'YouTube' page, look below and click the 'Show More' tab.
Then click the link to receive your 'complimentary course' ....
'Supercharge Your Brain - The Keys to Brain Health'

It's FOUR PDF's that you can access in your browser.
PLUS! ... 'The 12 brain Exercise Tips That Work' 

(A 12 part Free E-course delivered directly into your inbox every 2 days).

I look forward to hearing from you very soon and would like to take this opportunity to wish you 'every' success in the future.

Many Thanks - Pete Moring.

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