#7. There’s No Such Thing as Uncompetitive Marketers

No one can deny that marketers are some of the most competitive business owners on the planet. At first glance, you may think that there’s really too much competition to even try to make a dent in a niche – but that’s far from the truth!

There’s always a need for multiple people to lead a niche audience. Not everyone is going to like the way another person leads by his or her style, slant or solutions. When you establish a unique way of guiding people, those who like your style will flock to you.

It’s okay to repel others who aren’t a good fit for you. You don’t want people following you who dislike how you do things because they’ll be a distraction. This is known as weeding out your audience.

It’s important when establishing your business and your way of helping and guiding others that you stay away from copycatting. That puts up a red flag to others that you don’t have a new and fresh way of looking at the niche.

Find a way to put your own perspective on the topic and you’ll begin to surge ahead once others know how you operate. Learn to differentiate your business from the rest so you can stand out and catch the attention of prospective customers.

One way you can stand out from the competition is to know the demographic you’re targeting – something many marketers fail to even research. Brainstorm to see if you have a unique perspective to offer a certain age-group, gender, or those with specific interests.

For example, maybe you have years of experience in the medical field. If you can find a way to weave that into the topic, you’ll surge ahead of the others who lack that extra point of view to provide to their customers.

You should also consider what value is contained in what you’re offering. Something different or above and beyond from the rest will go a long way in helping you dominate over the competition.

Always make sure you try to stay ahead of others in terms of the tools that you use. For example, some marketers got left behind when video marketing hit because they wanted to stick to text. And then by the time they got onboard with video recordings, live Facebook feeds hit, and they were left behind again.

Don’t focus so much on your competition. Just be innovative and creative, put your own thumbprint on your business and you will enjoy a successful online career. Stay aware of how others are leveling up so you can compete, but avoid getting bogged down in a negative mentality about it.

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