#5. Never Again Refer to Yourself as a Stupid Marketer

Stupid is a word that abusers often use to put down their targets and make them feel inferior. This is a word we often use to put ourselves down when we feel that we’re not doing something right or when we encounter an obstacle in our entrepreneurial efforts.

You don’t have to say the word out loud to make it degrading to yourself. All you have to do is think it and you’re likely to believe it and give up on whatever you were striving for. The word comes up so much in the minds of newbie marketers with so much left to learn.

You may call yourself stupid if you’re struggling to learn a specific area of internet marketing and it seems so complicated that you think you’ll never get it. What you should be thinking is that you haven’t mastered it yet.

It’s difficult to keep those negative thoughts from throwing us a curve ball, but if you do it enough, it will begin to be the norm in your thought process. Along with the word stupid that you call yourself, you’re likely to pair it with lots of complaints, justifications and excuses.

For example, I can’t learn this complicated computer stuff because I’m too old. Or, I’ll never be a successful marketer because I don’t have time to learn. Excuses like those have kept many potentially successful marketers from even trying.

There’s always a certain amount of frustration when you’re attempting to learn something new. And internet marketing can be daunting if you look at the entire picture of what you need to learn to become successful.

That’s why experienced marketers will tell you to begin slowly with something that can be easily learned and implemented. Give yourself time to level up and advance your knowledge with this business.

Thinking of yourself as stupid is defeating. Stupid is a label that gets in your way of success and it also prevents you from learning something that might be the catalyst to your success. It makes you believe that you’re not capable of learning.

Yes, there are stupid people in the world, but the difference is that they don’t know they’re stupid. They don’t aspire to try anything new and they don’t ask questions about how they can succeed.

What you’re faced with is negative self-talk about why you can’t do something quick enough. It’s an attitude about yourself and what you’re trying to achieve that needs to be obliterated from your mind so you can get on with the task of making your business a success.

The attitude that you should nurture is that you’re willing to try. So you don’t know much about computers – instead of saying you’re too dumb, say you just haven’t mastered it yet.

Make an action plan and give the process time while you make the effort to learn one step at a time. Don’t get overwhelmed with taking on too much all at once. There’s a lot to absorb, and it will take awhile to become an expert.

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