19 reasons why email marketing works:

E-mail marketing definitely works: .... Period!

No matter what you may have heard about E-mail Marketing having Died a Death, having been replaced by Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, SnapChat etc – You’ve heard WRONG!!

Why do you suppose sites like Google, Amazon and eBay to name but a few STILL keep in contact with you through E-mail?? …..
Because it IS the most successful, reliable and ‘trusted’ contact method since the internet first hit us all between the eyes.

Check out the 19 reasons below WHY no matter WHO you are, E-mail Marketing can be your Golden Ticket to Business Promotion or simply a Residual Income Stream.
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    Cheap. There’s no doubt about it, sending email is inexpensive. You might pay for a 3rd party service to deliver your email and you may even hire a writer to create your emails for you, but overall, the costs involved with email are pretty small. And when you consider #2 on this list, any costs really pay for themselves. Or they should, if you’re doing it right.

    ROI is huge.  The Direct Marketer’s Association states that email marketing had an average return of $43.52 for each dollar spent (2011). Yours probably could be higher since you’re most likely a solo entrepreneur with a smaller budget.

    Just about everyone has an email address. Yeah, a lot of people have Facebook accounts, but email still wins. You could email your best friends, parents and sister, but you most likely can’t Facebook (verb) all of them. Same goes with a lot of people on your mailing lists.

    Direct. Unlike other marketing methods, email reaches your subscribers directly and is addressed to them specifically, unlike the general broadcasting we do on social media and in other mediums.

    Personal and customizable. Email is also very personal and can be customized with names and other information subscribers voluntarily provide like they’re geographic location, their interests, their goals and more.

    Targeting. It’s easy to create multiple lists and fine-tune your targeting. You can segment customers based on the types of products they’re interested and subscribers based on the information that attracts them most. Where else do you have so much control?

    Retain your visitor. When someone visits your website for the first time, the chances of them coming back are almost ZERO. NIL. NADA. By asking them to leave their email address, you get the chance to ask them to come back over and over again.

    Build and cultivate relationships. Email is an opportunity for your business to build your brand and gain the trust of your subscribers. Do your email marketing right and your subscribers will feel like they know you and can count on you for sound advice and great products.

    Commercial. People expect commercial messages via email, making it much easier to sell via email than through web content or social media, for example. In fact, according to Marketing Land, 77% of us prefer to get commercial message through email.

    It’s mobile. While everyone is shouting that mobile apps and sites is where the money is at, never forget that email is one of those handy things available and readily used through mobile technology. According to a recent Mobile Movement study sponsored by Google, 82% of smartphone users check and send email on their mobile device.

    Fast to create. Whipping up an email can be as fast (or as slow…but don’t let it be) as you want. No need to spend days creating an advertisement. Just write and go.

    Quick results. Email gets out there instantly and can start working for your business within minutes because it hits those inboxes quickly and people check email frequently.

    Easy to collect data. You can find out information about open rates, click throughs, sales conversions and demographic data of your subscribers. When you can measure your marketing, you can easily improve it.

    Drives traffic to your other marketing channels. If you’re engaging in blogging, social media or other efforts, your email list is an easy source of traffic. If you’ve just posted a great blog post or a jaw-dropping image on Pinterest, all you have to do is email your list and you’ve got people seeing it.

    Customers. Once someone buys something, you need a way to reach them so you can grow your relationship and sell more products to them. Email makes it easy to do this because you can segment your customers from the rest of your database.

    Preferential Treatment: If you want to give special perks to your customers or certain subscribers, it’s easy to do with email.  Give them advanced notice of new products, give them special discount offers and more.

    More focus. Social media is a great place to tap into large audiences, but whenever you post, you are competing with a bunch of unrelated noise and it’s not always easy to get attention. The same may go for an email inbox, but once your email is opened, the focus is on you.

    Follow-up. The best results come from following up. You can make follow up blog posts, ads or social media updates, but the chances of getting all your messages seen are much more likely with email.

    Advertising that people asked for. This is one of the most amazing things about E-mail Marketing.
    It is permission-based advertising.
    Instead of bombarding people with ads they have no interest in, they actually come to your website and ask you to send commercial information.

An email list is an incredible asset that you wholly own and that is why email marketing works. You don’t share it with Mark Zuckerberg and you can keep using it months and years down the road. So grow it, nurture it and get results from it.

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Generation Z and What it Means for 'Your' Marketing

If you aren't currently tailoring your marketing efforts with 'Generation Z' in mind you are making a mistake. By 2020 Generation Z will make up half of the consumer base in the global market.

Trends point to a younger generation that is more ambitious and eager to prove themselves and they are as socially aware as they are tech savvy. They have been raised their entire life with electronic gadgets and that has made Generation Z fundamentally different than the generation of their parents.

One thing that stands out the most when analyzing this generation is their slant towards individualism. In general, they do not try and be something that they are not because genuine uniqueness is valued by Gen Z. What this means for you is that an attempt at emulating trends will come off as fake and phoney and will likely be rejected.

It is important for smart marketers to place themselves into the viral lifestyle in order to effortlessly communicate with this audience through current viral trends. Some specific things you can do to tap into these trends are: pay attention to memes, hashtags and popular social networks and adapt what you see in your marketing efforts. 

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Always stay true to your brand identity when dealing with Gen Z. Your values and culture must come through and appear authentic. With so many choices in this global hyper connected marketplace, it's important you offer value to the Generation Z crowd in order to capture their attention and patronage. 

A new way to think about social media

You can't underestimate the influence social media has on Generation Z. While it is unfair to categorize the generation as selfish, it is true that appealing to their ego is a sure way to connect with them. Social media is a perfect example of this idea manifesting itself into everyday life as the social connections they make through these sites and apps directly affect their happiness.

Make your values come to life

While it is tempting to label the generation as coddled or spoiled it is important to remember that Gen Z has grown up during a time of genuine recession and global war. Things like terrorism, the banking crisis of 2008 and loss of faith in their government has produced a generation of activists.

Not content simply living for themselves, they'd rather leave an impact on the world when it comes to their chosen profession. They demand the same values from the brands they choose and many times will only stay loyal to companies that are conscious of their environmental footprint.

Companies that produce tools that make the world a better place or represent positive ideas through branding will reap the benefits in their bottom lines. It is important then to adopt strategies that are focused on humanity as a whole as opposed to those that only help the enterprise itself.

Using Visuals to amplify your message

The sheer amount of imagery the average consumer from this generation will see before their 15th birthday is truly staggering. Hundreds of thousands of advertisements have been analyzed, catalogued and discarded long before they've seen yours. 

The best messages are those that communicate quickly and many companies have discovered that the best way to grab and hold a consumer's attention is through the use of GIFs. Because of its brief nature, the GIF is able to pass the Gen Z filter for making decisions and gives brands an opportunity to communicate.

 Help them establish a brand

The lessons of previous generations are not lost on Generation Z. They've seen millennials try and fail to find suitable jobs after getting their degrees and they do understand the importance of securing stable income as soon as they can.

But this is not a generation willing to take up an idle job to pay their bills. They'd rather donate their time to volunteer efforts or establish an online network. 

It is important then that you use their own brand building as agency for your own messages and advertisements. Tools at your disposal you can use include virtual focus groups and influencer campaigns. Make your customers feel like social media ambassadors and this will help you secure their brand loyalty. 

You must realize that you're dealing with a group of realists. 'Generation Z' is solution oriented and as long as you know this and use it in your marketing efforts they will stay loyal to your brand for years to come.

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