Shelve Your Overwhelm at the Volume of Required Content Creation

When you look at the amount of content required – on a daily basis – for your online business, it can be overwhelming, especially if you think you have to do it all by yourself.

What often happens is newbies get skimpy. They slap up the minimum amount of content required. This fails to help you build trust and relationships with others – you need content – with personality – and a lot of it.

You’ll need content for all aspects of your online business – info products, blog posts, social networking posts, email autoresponders, opt-in reports, bonus reports, product reviews, sales copy and much more.

But, there are ways to lighten the load if you’re willing to use them. They’re the methods that the gurus use and they work if you do it right. You’ll be able to lighten the overwhelming amount of content necessary to grow your online business and get the most from your time, effort and money.

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Plan your content meticulously. Without a content plan, you’ll be frustrated and won’t get the most out of your time devoted to the content. Your plan should include an outline of all of the content you’ll need for a certain time period, what you want to include in the content and a deadline for getting it out there.

Don’t rush the plan. Take your time and make sure it’s right. It’s better to do one thought provoking blog post each week than to slap up seven posts that are light on personality, details or value.

Writing and editing is something some marketers hate about this part of their online businesses and they outsource it to more qualified writers. Even though you plan to outsource, you should still know some writing and editing basics so that you’ll know if you’re getting what you need (and your money’s worth) from the writers.

It’s good to have a working relationship with a writer that you trust and who knows your style and is familiar with what you require. Look for someone whose portfolio or talent enables them to speak “for” you online with minimal tweaking.

Outsourcing will certainly lighten the overwhelming amount of content needed for your business. There are freelance writers who specialize in writing online content. Just make sure you don’t go for the cheapest writer or you’ll end up putting more time into it than if you did it yourself. Choose one who is recommended and who has some experience.

The great go-to resource for online entrepreneurs
is private label rights content and you can find PLR on just about any subject. They’re remarkably inexpensive and can be purchased in bundles. You can then change the writing to reflect your own subject matter or ideas – and put your name on it to use online.

Before you hand your content assignments over to someone else, make sure you’ve thoroughly researched the subject and are very clear about what you want. You may want to offer websites or other writings for research and inspiration.
Don’t be overwhelmed at the amount of content needed for your businessjust be creative and find different ways and means to get what you want for the least amount of effort. 

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